Blog # 6: It’s the final countdown

Jane wants to go to Rio tomorrow! But she still has plenty to do including packing and sorting out her cords.

Life and cords can get so muddled at times!
Life and cords can get so muddled at times!

Hasn’t time flown! Only four more sleeps until I fly out via Auckland, Buenos Aires and on to Rio. I feel like I’ve still got a week’s worth of things to do but isn’t that always the way? I end up working like crazy before any trip, trying to get things done that I have been procrastinating on for ages.

I think I am ready, despite not having got through all my list of Things To Do. Having a bit of a family crisis a few days out from departure day hasn’t been ideal (but then, there is no ideal time for such things), but hopefully we are through the worst of it.

I have actually started putting things in piles, ready to start packing into the suitcase. The electronic/camera gear pile seems to be quite high, and why are there so many different cords that have to go? I only hope I have the right power adapters.

Herald, Fairfax and NZPA journalists at Athens 2004
(L-R) Dave Leggett (NZ Herald), Tony Smith (Fairfax) and Kevin Norquay (NZPA) at Athens 2004

I was sad when it was announced the Fairfax and Herald print journalists would not be going out to Rio to cover the Games as a protest against what they saw as unworkable restrictions imposed by Sky. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with the print journalists; the radio and TV folk are usually in different areas of the media centres, mainly because they work quite differently. There’s always been a great camaraderie between the Kiwi journalists, lots of banter and internal competitions. However, I’m looking forward to catching up with the various equestrian journalists and photographers who I’ve got to know from other events. It will be great to catch up with Libby Law again, she’s always a treat. Pippa Kyle (Horse & Hound), Debbie Higgs (An Eventful Life), Jenni Autry from Eventing Nation are among the survivors of WEG 2014 who I am looking forward to seeing again at Rio. Not sure what gear Jenni will turn up in this time. Here’s her crazy outfit at WEG!

Jenni Autry makes it clear where she is from!
Jenni Autry makes it clear where she is from!

We have a useful Facebook group for Rio-accredited journalists and photographers. We’ve supported each other through the nightmares of trying to book accommodation and transport on the on-line system, given each other tips and found out some other useful things. The latest gem was the advice to bring our own drink bottle as there is filtered water available; otherwise you have to buy the bottled stuff. In the same post we were warned that the popular local drink, Caipirinha, is “deadly.” Both duly noted.

Another thing I have learned is that apparently toilet paper is not to be flushed down the toilet, but put into the receptacle next to the toilet. This was the protocol at Athens as well; what is it about my Olympic visits and loo paper?

But whatever happens, I’m heading to Rio with a positive attitude, and am determined to make the most of whatever I encounter. In fact, I wish I was flying tomorrow, to hell with that list of things to do!

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