Papakura Pony Club fights on

A South Auckland PC is about the be swallowed up by a housing development - but the 60-year-old club is not giving up just yet

Papakura Pony Club grounds
Papakura Pony Club grounds

Papakura Pony Club has vowed to keep fighting Auckland Council in an attempt to save its grounds – despite the almighty battle ahead.

A deputation was made to the local community board meeting on Wednesday night, but it seems that work on the housing development that threatens to swallow the club’s grounds is already well down the track.

Papakura PC posted on its Facebook page: “the Pony Club have been kept in the dark, as they were told in March 2015 that the local board would come back to them once the stormwater modelling was done, and that there would be consultation before any decisions were made. But now they have found out it was approved by the local board in May… there might be some minor changes but the plan is very close to final.”

Members are starting a petition, which should be available in a day or two and there could also be the opportunity to become involved in public consultation. You can keep up to date by joining the newly created Facebook page SaveOpahekePark, which can be found on this link, and there’s a Seven Sharp video about the situation on this link.

From the number of comments on our previous Facebook story, it seems there are many other pony clubs in similar situations. Please let us know what the situation is with your club by commenting on the Facebook post, or emailing