Blog # 5; Lists

Jane likes a list. She's made a few lists as the countdown to Rio really heats up. Sounds like she is organised, but not quite as fit as she planned.

This year
This year’s diary features stamps, including one very special one!

I’ve got a lot of lists. I like lists. I need lists now as the memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I keep lists in a variety of places from iPhone to back of envelopes to my diary as I sometimes can’t remember where my list is, and when I need to write things on my list I need to find it quickly. Before I forget. So a thing can appear on many lists, which isn’t ideal – but more ideal than it not getting on any list.

Comprehensive medical kit, with just one of the many insect repellents
Comprehensive medical kit, with just one of the many insect repellents I have

As there are only 12 sleeps left to go before I get on that plane, my list of things to do has got smaller.  These things have made it to the Accomplished List (actually I don’t have one of those but I have got a nice thick line through each of these in my To Do List):

USD are apparently very well accepted in Rio
USD are apparently very well accepted in Rio

✓  Vaccinations (ouch on two counts, the needles and the $$$)

✓ Some USD cash (yes, I have read the warnings about traveller safety and dodgy ATMs)

✓  A good medical kit so I am prepared in case something such as Deodora Diarrhoea threatens me

✓  The strongest insect repellent available (no, I am well past having babies but I still don’t want to get dengue or zika)

✓  Cleaned up laptop, filed older photos elsewhere and made space for more

✓  Triple checked passport is valid, not expiring and in the right place

✓  Power adapters and NZ power board ready to go (very useful in media centres)

✓  New uniform. It may not be as extensive as the athletes get but hey, there will only be one person wearing these quick-dry, sunsmart polo tops at the Olympics.

The new Horse
The new Horse & Pony shirts

Unfortunately, due to injury, the fitness goals didn’t get ticked off like I had hoped but luckily I am not:

(a) Competing

(b) A horse

(c) Still lame

There will be some attempts at getting back up to 10,000 steps per day for the next 12 days. It is also very reassuring to know that back magician, Dr Carissa McGregor, is also travelling to the Olympics to watch the equestrian and the hockey and has offered to come to my rescue if necessary. My fitness goals have gone back on one of my lists. It  joins a few things still on my To Do list (aka ‘If I Have the Time & Inclination List’) such as:

  1. Finish tax return
  2. Start tax return
  3. Pack bags
  4. Get a haircut
  5. Learn Portugese
  6. Clean house
  7. Stock freezer for that certain someone at home who can’t cook (yeah, right)
    Buenos Aires; my dancing partner has elected to stay home
    Buenos Aires; my dancing partner has elected to stay home

    8.  Work out what I want to do during my few days in Buenos Aires on the way home. (Thanks Ed Law for the great list which I haven’t yet had a chance to read.)




I’ve also developed a list of things I’d like to see happen.  I call this my “Hope List.”

I hope:

  1. Air New Zealand is showing the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeople which I haven’t had time to see yet and everyone is raving about.
  2. All connecting flights connect and my suitcase turns up in Rio with me
  3. Air New Zealand grants me an upgrade from Auckland to Buenos Aires!
  4. The media accommodation at Deodora in the “upgraded” military barracks is worth the USD$254 per night I am being charged.
  5. The New Zealanders all do well and we have lots of medals to celebrate (no pressure, guys).

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