Last ditch efforts to impress selectors

It is nearly crunch time for our New Zealand eventers vying for Olympic selection. Jonelle and Tim have developed additional skills which will ensure they are very comfortable and competitive in Rio.

Have Jonelle and Tim Price done enough to get the nod from the selectors when the New Zealand Olympic eventing team is announced tomorrow night?

Just in case they haven’t, we have put together this video to show the Brazilian samba skills they have recently developed, which are sure to be very useful in Rio for the Olympics. We think this might just give them the seal of approval from the selectors and NZOC and take them one dance step ahead of the others vying for a place. The rumours that Sir Mark Todd has also developed his samba skills during recent trips to Brazil are as yet unconfirmed.

The New Zealand Olympic equestrian team will be announced on Monday at 8pm (New Zealand time).

Lady Alexandra Smith will be making the announcement. She is the wife of Sir Lockwood Smith, the current High Commissioner of New Zealand to the United Kingdom. We do not know if she can samba, but she probably doesn’t need to on Monday night.

The glittering event, with all the team present as well as coach Erik Duvander, will be at the Bear Hotel, Hungerford in West Berkshire, UK. We are hopeful that, should Jonelle and Tim both be named, they will give a live demonstration of their samba skills, and that Sir Mark can deny or confirm those rumours of the state of his fancy footwork.

Five eventers will be named – the team of four plus the travelling reserve, plus one dressage representative, subject to the NZ Olympic Committee approving the nominations.