Hopetoun Horse Trials

Hopetoun Horse Trials, near Edinburgh, are set on the most spectacular of venues. Some of the New Zealanders have made their way to the event.

What a magnificent venue!
What a magnificent venue!

Another magnificent venue where New Zealand riders are competing this weekend: Hopetoun Horse Trials in Scotland.

Caroline Powell is busy: she has four horses at the event. In the CCI2* section she is sitting fifth and sixth on Sinatra Frank Baby (50.2) and Stellor Seaurchin (50.8). The class is led by Vittoria Panizzon on Borough Free Flight.

In the CIC3*, Caroline has Halltown Harley on 51.1 and Spice Sensation on 55.2, sitting in ninth and 14th positions. Also in that class is Blyth Tait on Xanthus III, who is 13th with a 53.8 dressage score, and Lizzie Brown on Havanna Van Castanaehoff, 11th with 53.4. The class is led by Jodie Amos on Wise Crack on a score of 43. Willa Newton on Neelix is second (44.1) and Rosalind Canter on Zenshera third on 46.4.

In the CIC1*, Lizzie Brown and her promising young horse Superstorm Sandy scored 50.4 in their dressage. The leader is Alex Kennedy on Lissangle Cavaletto B on a score of 40.6.

The CIC2* has Blyth on Leo Distinction and Darius but unfortunately the results are not up yet, with the exception of Darius’s dressage – he scored 48.9.

Rhiannon Scott, Blyth’s groom, reports that it has been raining and cold all day so “the truck park is rife with mud.”

Unfortunately it looks as if there isn’t much cellphone coverage and we don’t have a photographer there, but Caroline Powell did manage to get this tweet out earlier, starring her lovely old dog Tilly.