First day of Rangiora Pony Club eventing competition

Some great grass roots eventing on display in Canterbury today. Our stars of the future were given a good cross-country challenge and most of them took every opportunity to shine in the wintery sun at Rangiora.

Claudia Wilson on Shapeshifter II won the 105 class
Claudia Wilson on Shapeshifter II won the 105 class

Rangiora Pony Club held the first of their two days of eventing competition with huge entries. It was a long day to get everyone through all the dressage, cross-country and show jumping but the organising team had it sorted. There was an early start, and the water jump still had ice on top, thanks to a heavy frost overnight, but horses coped well with the chill, and the near-perfect weather that followed made it all worthwhile.

Unfortunately there were a few holds on-course due to falls, and the mounted ambulance was kept busy for a while, but there were no serious injuries from what we know. Some competitors in the lower classes struggled to get their green horses over the jump into the water, resulting in a bit of a stack-up at one point, but most sailed through.

On the whole, there were some great exhibitions of jumping, and those hoping for a place on their Springston Trophy team had every opportunity to show their skills.

There were also plenty of adult competitors with young and old horses. The Pony Club events are certainly proving very popular, with clubs reporting they are having to close entries early, after quickly reaching their maximum number of competitors.

The Rangiora event continues tomorrow with the lower-level classes jumping at 75cm, 65cm and 45cm. There are just as many entries tomorrow as there were today.

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Today’s Available Results

Class 1, 105 cm

  1. Claudia Wilson, Shapeshifter II
  2. Jess Shaab, Hukawai Lad
  3. Jordan Lloyd, Damani
  4. Mikayla Green, Star’s Ransom

Class 2, Springston Trialists, 95cm

  1. Jamie Atkinson, Ahuiri Dusk
  2. Danielle Chambers, Rosewood Zakee
  3. Makenzie Causer, Springair Wizard
  4. Rebecca Hadfield, Hydraulics

Class 3, Springston Trialists 16 & under, 95 cm

  1. Jordon Shrimpton, Puzzle
  2. Brittany Fowler, Concordia
  3. Annabelle Jones, Halycon Mozard
  4. Renee Ussher, Kasha

Class 4 – 16 years and over, 95cm

  1. Shane Maley, Rainier
  2. Kirsty Jacomb, Glenmark
  3. Louise Turner, Rosura Mac II
  4. Georgia Helms, Eyredale Warrior

Class 5, 12 and under, 80 cm

  1. Lucy Baker, Smart Spark
  2. Brigette MacKay, Westwood Dalmar Ricochet
  3. Molly Moffatt, PollyAnne
  4. Annie Airey, Cubby

Further results from the other classes from this day will be added when they are to hand.