Wicked fun at the Winter O’s

A great fundraising event for the local school and it sounded as if everyone there had a great day! Well done to the organising team.


175 riders competed at the 2016 Winter Olympics held at Claire and Simon Wilson’s property in Waipukurau. The event was designed to cater for young riders, young horses and everyone in between. Most competitors received a rider’s pack which had lots of goodies from very generous sponsors.

This event was originally held in 2010 when just 50 riders competed. This is the seventh year it has been held and it has gone from strength to strength and raised a lot of money for the local school. An auction was also held and raised well over $3,000, adding to the income from the raffles as well. The event is very well supported by sponsors, making for some memorable prizes for everyone. Quality Presentations had to do a late delivery of more ribbons, due to the bigger number of entries than expected.

There were entries from at least four NZ team show jumping representatives. One family of six all competed; another family spanned three generations. There was also an international flavour with one rider from England and another from France. A few people rushed back from NZPC Champs and Waikato Hunt Week to compete and judge!

Organiser Claire Wilson says it has been a huge team effort.

“I have dragged the Flemington School Parents and Teachers into the show jumping world over the years – and now look what we have achieved. This year there was a record number of new parents stepping up to help the old faithful Flemington School PFG. And lots of other horsey enthusiasts have offered their help. There has been lots of voluntary service to make the day outstanding and this is hugely appreciated!”

Riders nominated their favourite helper, then a draw was made with five helpers winning the prizes. Well done to Vanessa Liley, Debbie Ward, Tessa Waldin, Annie Train and Angela Rycroft. Claire reported that the ballot box was full to the brim with supporter’s names!

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

All the rings and the jumps looked great, there were prizes galore, sensible rules, countless cute ponies and kids, and from what I could see everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Whoever made the yoyo biscuits is a star. They were the best.”

A great day, thanks Wilson team and all your army of helpers. Kids had a ball and here’s hoping you have made pots of money for Flemington school…. the yoyos and the homemade lemonade were excellent!”

What an amazing rider’s pack, the kids and I enjoyed our bag of goodies!! The Winter Olympics rock!! Thank you to the Wilson family and Flemington School! Great day! 

“Thank you so much Claire, the Flemington team and your fabulous sponsors. You did, as always, an amazing job today. Thank you. This little rider loves her pack, thank you so much.”

“Had an AWESOME day out. A big thank you to Claire and everyone else involved in running the show. It was amazing and such a good environment to take my young pony to!” 

“Wow, what a day!”

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am to the lovely and generous Claire. Not only has she lent me horses to hunt for the previous two Saturdays so I can tick that experience off my bucket list, but today she allowed me the privilege of riding the fabulous Alaric II at the Flemington School Winter Olympics. So I did my first-ever Grand Prix, I was very nervous but concentrated on the advice Claire gave me on Thursday and rode forward. 
We only blooming won!!!!! 
Massive thanks to the sponsors for their generosity.”

“It is such a lovely friendly show. I had my old boy out, so I could have a fun chilled day and not have to worry about a thing. The extras like the rider’s packs, and special prizes really make it fun.” 

“Thank you so much Claire, Flemington School and all the sponsors who made the Winter Olympics happen! Truly incredible day to get green ponies over some great fences in a busy environment. We had a blast! We will be back next year!”

2016 Winter Olympic Prize Winners

Class 1 Tony Solly Speed A2 80cm, 1st Tim Wilson – Sam (plus RockinHorse NZ Halter), 2nd Tim Wilson – Tinks, 3rd Dylan Bibby – Bella, 4th Ruby Mason – Savvy

J&D Strawbridge Fair Play Award: Jenna Coumbe

Slow and Stead Style Prize, sponsored by Secret CG: Jane Ward – Barney

Class 2 BWR Accountants Grand Prix 95cm AM5 (plus Horse & Groom medals), 1st Jo Greenaway – Alaric (plus Tamahu Rug), 2nd Tim Wilson – Sam, 3rd Ruby Mason – Savvy, 4th Maddy Wetsill – Zorro

Horse and Groom- Best Turned Out Rug: Maddie Whitfield – Ashes

Alltech Most Stylish Combination (judged in first round): Ben Gibbs

Clear the Joker Fence – sponsored by East Bay Finance & spot prize from Vege Shed: lots cleared this!

Class 3 AON Life Rising Stars 70cm A1, All clear rounds receive a ribbon

Kirsty Lawrence Fair Play award: Zara Waldin

Jane von Dadelszen’s Best Pony Rider: Willow Barker

Class 4 Ballance Challenge 40cm: All clear rounds receive a ribbon

Fair Play award from Simon Hansen Livestock: Sally Peffers

Future Star award from Jacobs Construction: George Peacock

Class 5 H&C Beagles Hunter Classic 60cm: 1st Libby Fussell – Charm (plus rug donated by Helen Hansen), 2nd Danni Bird – Minuette, 3rd Matthew Steele – Ronnie, 4th Helen Brun – Bullet

Noodle Fair Play award: Lucy Robinson

Future Star award from Jacobs Construction: Amanda Steele

Class 6, Gardner Livestock Handy Hunter Ponies: 1st Dylan Bibby – Daisy Patch, 2nd Tim Wilson – Sam, 3rd Anna Wilson – Shirika, 4th Kim Carrington – Indiana Jones

DH Agriculture Fair Play award: Hannah von Dadelszen

Canter for Cancer cover for Best Turned Out Pony: Laura Foss

Te Whangai Handy Hunter Horses, 1st Sophie Hansen – Zebedee, 2nd Daniel Prenter – Kevin, 3rd Amanda Steele – Bear, 4th Tanya Koens – Mr Hotshot

Vet Services, Best Whip Cracking: Libby Plumber

Class 7 Elder Family Best School Pony, 1st Tessa Mason/Annie Moffett – Rumpty, 2nd Bibby Family – Bella, 3rd Zara von Dadelszen – Dolly, 4th Anna Devescou – Charm

Lynda Fouhy Fair Play award: Jack Dearden

Canter for Cancer rug for Best Dressed: Bibby family

Class 8 Forbes Saddlery Kindy Jump: All clear rounds receive a ribbon

One winner to receive a rug donated by Forbes and Co Saddlery: Lucy Allomes

Future Star award from Jacobs Construction: Richie Hicks

Class 9 ANZ Obstacle Course Classic

Led Division; 1st Kenley Santo Hammond – Dolly, 2nd Isabelle Murrow – Jet, 3rd Ella Barrett – Mustard, 4th Neve Barrett – Bonnie

Brightside Farm Fair Play Award: Regan Calder

Unled Pony Division: 1st Kristen Creswell – Max, 2nd Leah Bibby – Half Pie, 3rd Kaylee Hutchinson – Shirika, 4th Madeline Osborne – Zazzy

Brightside Farm Fair Play Award: Jordan Hall,

Unled Horse Division: 1st Hamish Bibby – Daisy Patch, 2nd Kelly Bibby – Bella, 3rd Molly Treadwell – Roly, 4th Nicky Mason – Silver

Brightside Farm Fair Play Award: Kelly Bibby