Woods wins three at Whangarei

Jess Woods and LV Balou Skye in storming form (Image: Take the Moment)
Jess Woods and LV Balou Skye in storming form (Image: Take the Moment)

Northland put on a great show for the many entrants in their Horse Trials.

Jessica Woods took out the CNC2* class on LV Defies Logic, a good preparation for her return to Taupo soon for the three-star class. Jessica also won two of the 95cm classes, so it was a great weekend for her.

Frank Phillips is on fire at the moment, adding to his good performance at the South Island Three-Day Event to win the one-star class. He’ll need some new tyres on that truck soon!

Enjoy our gallery thanks to Take the Moment.


Eventing Northland Autumn HT April 2016
1 Waitangi Sport Horses CNC 2*
Jessica Woods LV Defies Logic 1
Megan Finlayson Greensleeves 2
Chloe Phillips-Harris Cor Jet 3
Amanda Wards South Dakota 4
Brooke Campbell Freddy Dash 5
2 Dunstan CNC 1*
Frank Phillips I Told You So 1
Chanel Campbell Astek Guardsman 2
Chanel Hargrave Moving On 3
Tony McAllister Will I Am 4
Lauren Alexander Classic Indigo 5
3 Watco Plumbing CNC 105
Kyle Calder Apteryx 1
Helen Connett Lea Rosa 2
Jane Callaghan Weiti West End 3
Andrew Daines Parkridge D Vine SW 4
Samantha Felton BV Illusionist 5
4 Horseworld CNC 105 Young Rider
Charlotte Fox Under Lock and Key 1
Gracie O”Leary Willesden Green 2
Dana Hawkins This Dream Came True 3
Jade Le Petit Agricola 4
Amber Goulding Bellagio GNZ 5
5A Ravensdown CNC 95 A
Jessica Woods LV Larnie 1
Nicole Hawkins Purple Wetiko 2
Emma Broughton-Watts Brahan Stan the Man 3
Hannah Jones Angus Dundee 4
Monique Reid Fellini 5
5B Ravensdown CNC 95 B
Jessica Woods LV Balou Skye 1
Samantha Felton Sooty GNZ 2
Nicki Boyd Sunset Dancer 3
Kirsity Bale Cleo Parfaite 4
Christen Lane Astrolabe 5
6 Horseworld CNC 95 Junior Rider
Beth Clothier A Midnite Quest for Gold 1
Rachael Johns Kaspers Gold 2
Estella Loughlin Skibbereen Kentucky 3
Sophie Littlewood Razzle Dazzle 4
Tiffany Owen Tongue Twister 5
7A Equissage CNC 80 A
Ulrike Gerstenberger Paolita 1
Samantha Felton Ricker Ridge Riley 2
Anna Gray Twickenham 3
Sharon Cann Hedge Fund 4
Amanda Ball Willow 5
7B Equissage CNC 80 B
Sarah Saint Merat Kallista 1
Helen Withers Woodbine Magic Maze 2
Mandy Bryers Lochinvar II 3
Janet Gifford-Bryan Flying Circus 4
Sarah Fallas Wisecracker 5
8 Reyna Equestrian CNC 80 Junior Rider
Molly O”Leary SC True Hollywood Style 1
Tayla Moss Brazen Warrior 2
Robyn Jensen The Delinquent 3
Jacinda Baker-Singh Mr Parkes 4
Benjamin Bremner Triple Star Irish Rocket 5
9 CNC 65
Tara Sheils Tir Na Nog 1
Rene Ryall Bold Trader 2
Eliza Raven Whispering Willow”s Billy the Kid 3
Aleisha Williams Battle Front 4
Alexandra Badley Person Of Interest 5