Horse of the Year Show 2016 photos

Links to all galleries of photos from the Horse of the Year Show 2016 from our Facebook page.

We have provided all the links to the photos in the Facebook albums below. We took a lot of photos at the show, in many different areas. They get a bit lost on Facebook as time goes by, so here are the links so you can revisit any time. You don’t even have to be a Facebooker to enjoy these photos.

Sunday Candids 

Saturday candids

Friday morning

The elegant sidesaddle beauties

Thursday candids

Lead rein competitors, Thursday

Thursday morning action

Wednesday candids

Wednesday action

Pintos & Welsh on Tuesday

There are also plenty of HOY photos in our mobile uploads gallery which can be found here

We have other galleries up as separate posts on our website: just look under the Horse of the Year tab.