Eventing action north and south!

Hot in the south, wet in the north but the eventers were out in force

While the riders in Amberley at the Canterbury Eventing’s horse trials sweltered in nearly 30 degree heat, the Rotorua riders had drizzly rain to contend with and wet ground.

Dannie Lodder continued her winning ways with another win at Rotorua, this time in the Marks + Ewen Veterinary Centre CNC**+ on Tomahawk II. Dannie added a few time faults to her dressage score but still had just enough of a lead to finish 0.3 ahead of Diane Gilder on Your Attorney. We were pleased to see that Diane had a good finish after the disappointment at Horse of the Year when Your Attorney got very upset in the dressage, refusing to go in the “scary” part of the arena. Sarah Dalziel was third on Benrose Super Star.

Nick Brooks on the handsome Versace C won the Dunstan CNC2* and was delighted. “He’s such a good boy, I’m so lucky to have him!” The Bing Allen-designed course caused a few issues, however, despite being fairly similar to those of previous events there. Nick said that the bounce was much earlier in the course than usual. “We had a jump in the water which Bing hasn’t put in for a while, which was cool. The going was awesome this morning for the pre-Novice and one-star but by the two-star class it had rained quite a bit more so the take-offs and landings were pretty sticky.”

Clarke Johnstone managed to fit in another win in one division of the Reyna Equestrian CNC* on In Disguise before heading to Europe to prepare for his next event – Badminton Horse Trials.

Bryce Newman just keeps producing those winners, and had a good event with a win in the second division of CNC* with Bates Our Entourage, and also a second placing in the Pub Charity CNC105 with Falstaff.

There seemed to be a lot of eliminations for missed fences at all levels, which is a bit disturbing, and highly frustrating for the riders, who will be going home kicking themselves. It does seem to happen to everyone – but hopefully not again for that lot this season!

Here’s the gallery from Take the Moment at Rotorua. Keep scrolling down for the write-up on Amberley.

Amberley’s challenging, hilly cross-country course coupled with searing Canterbury temperatures played a major role in Eventing Canterbury’s second one-day horse trial of the season, with no combinations escaping penalties across the top three classes.

In the CNC2*, Emily Cammock  finished one-two with Lewis and Shaw Lee respectively after big local hopes Giles Gormack and Lucero were eliminated in the show jumping.

Emily led the small field after a smart dressage performance on Shaw Lee, sitting on 39 penalties. She picked up a host of penalties in the cross-country with time and jump faults, and also had three rails down in the show jumping to finish with 86.2pen. She jumped a clear cross-country with Lewis but had 20.4 time faults and two rails down, winning on a total of 70pen.

Brent Jury came out on top in the small CNC2*, jumping the class’s only clear cross-country aboard SE Hedging. Third after dressage, Brent and SE Hedging flew round the big track, coming home clear with just 8.8 time penalties to rocket into the lead, and despite two rails down in the show jumping, took the win on 53.6. Youngster Jessie Fitzjohn and What’s The Buzz were impressive in just their second start at this level, producing a fast round and coming home with just 5.2pen despite a refusal, which together with just one down in the show jumping left them second on 79.5, ahead of Kirsty Sharapoff and Shoot The Breeze third on 86.

Clear jumping saw Brodie Roberts and SR Livingstone dominate the fiercely-contested CNC1*, taking a well-deserved win ahead of Christchurch teen Elizabeth Wylaars who finished second and third with Wairoa Ruskyn and Wairoa Ruby respectively. Brodie jumped a lovely double clear, picking up just two time penalties on the cross country to take the win narrowly. No riders came home inside the time allowed.

Sophie Griffith and Chocolat Moka CM won the CNC105, while the two CNC95 divisions were won by Lucy Stockton on Legacy and Lucy Cochrane on Inspector Gadget respectively.

In the large CNC80 classes the honours went to Shane Maley on Rainier and Jaya ONeill on Z’questionair, with the inaugural CNC65 class won by Raquel Cook on Karaka Commander.

Many of the South Island riders will be returning to the National Equestrian Centre at McLeans Island for the ESNZ Eventing Canterbury FEI South Island Three-Day Event from April 14-17. For the North Islanders, many of them will be heading to Puhinui over Easter.


CNC2* Plus: Emily Cammock (West Melton) Lewis, 70, 1; Emily Cammock, Shaw Lee, 86.2, 2.

CBC2*: Brent Jury (Cust) SE Hedging, 53.6, 1; Jessie Fitzjohn (Christchurch) What’s The Buzz, 79.5, 2; Kirsty Sharapoff (West Melton) Shoot The Breeze, 86, 3; Emily Cammock (West Melton) Ngahiwi Frosty, 92.4, 5; Anna Poole (Edendale) Zulu, 137.8, 5.

CNC1*: Brodie Roberts (Kaiapoi) SR Livingstone, 38.1, 1; Elizabeth Wylaars (Christchurch) Wairoa Ruskyn, 39.2, 2; Elizabeth Wylaars (Christchurch) Wairoa Ruby, 46.2, 3; Sophie Griffith (Kaiapoi) Noir Et Blanc, 48.8, 4; Colleen Marett (Temuka) Frediniski, 49.7, 5; Sinead Henderson (Amberley) Lewiston, 51.8, 6.

CNC105: Sophie Griffith (Kaiapoi) Chocolat Moka CM, 38.1, 1; Paige Hardwick (Oamaru) Versailles, 39.3, 2; Tayla Moriarty (Christchurch) Sir Jack Sparrow, 39.4, 3; Amalia Rowely (Timaru) Mexico II, 42.7, 4; Rebecca Wardle (Hokitika) Sponge Bob, 44, 5; Jessica Kerr (Cave) Waiwai Express, 44.1, 6.

CNC95 A: Lucy Stockton (Christchurch) Legacy, 31, 1; Charlotte Thomas (Darfield) Picollo, 35.4, 2; Niamh Rayne (Darfield) My Hallucination, 36.3, 3; Lucy Stockton (Christchurch) Time After Time, 41.6, 4; Makayla Smith (Templeton) See Meme, 49.5, 5; Sam Taylor (Swanannoa) Astek Victor, 50.3, 6.

CNC95 B: Lucy Cochrane (Christchurch) Inspector Gadget, 35.4, 1; Georgie Dickson (Wanaka) Sports Café, 42.5, 2; Kirstin Beaven (West Melton) Goldstone Hawk, 45.4, 3; Lucy Cochrane (Chrisatchurch) Balrazie, 52, 4; Tarryn Jones (Yaldhurst) Tenshi, 61, 5; Gretchen Anderson (Hokitika) Tallyho Cleopatra, 62, 6.

CNC80A: Shane Maley (Darfield) Rainier, 26.8, 1; Jamie Atkinson (Prebbleton) Ahuriri Dusk, 34.2, 2; Petra Green (Rangiora) Tiger woods LS, 38.2, 3; Annabel Adams (Christchurch) What’s News, 40.8, 4; Rosie Sullivan (Christchurch) Summer Ale, 42.2, 5; Shane Maley (Darfield) Volrath La Vida, 50, 6.

CNC80B: Jaya O’Neill (Dunedin) Z’Questionair, 36.8, 1; Katherine Hadler (Christchurch) Hakuna Matata, 37.4, 2; Claire Ford (Ashburton) Highwayman, 42.3, 3; Colleen Marett (Temuka) Attenborough, 43.3, 4; Ashley Hopewell (Christchurch) Benjamin Bunny, 56.2, 5; Jamie Atkinson (Prebbleton) Nyiiad, 57.9, 6.

CNC65: Raquel Cook (Christchurch) Karaka Commander, 31.6, 1; Kim Sitjes (Christchurch) Huckleberry Blue, 31.6, 2; Lily Titter (Christchurch) Moonlight Dancer, 31.8, 3; Imogen Morrison (Darfield) River Dance Drummer Boy, 32.6, 4; Samara Singh (Christchurch) Oceans Blue, 33.5, 5; Vanessa Hale (Christchurch) Blue Springs Connie, 34.5, 6.


Marks + Ewen Veterinary Centre CNC**plus
Dannie Lodder, Tomahawk II, 40.8, 1
Diane Gilder, Your Attorney, 41.3, 2
Sarah Dalziel, Benrose Super Star, 96.4, 3

Dunstan CNC**
Nick Brooks, Versace C, 41.6, 1
Abigail Long, Enzo, 42.2, 2
Rachel Cave, Van Heck, 44.4, 3

Reyna Equestrian CNC* A
Clarke Johnstone, In Disguise, 26.2, 1
Sharon Cann, King Edward II, 30.8, 2
Louise Mulholland, Mr McTaggart, 32, 3

Reyna Equestrian CNC* B
Bryce Newman, Bates Our Entourage, 34.2, 1
Greer Caddigan, Gymnastik Showdown, 38.4, 2
Karla Wilson, Stoney Mara, 39.2, 3

Pub Charity CNC 105
Kylee McCambridge, Chicago, 34, 1
Bryce Newman, Falstaff, 34.9, 2
Louise Mulholland, Hiwi Magic, 35.4, 3

Mamaku Bark CNC105 Amateur
Sue-Ellen McGuffie, KL Foose, 36.1,
Jane Callaghan, Weiti West End, 47.5, 2
Kaasandra Chee, Presque Noir, 49, 3

Barbara Thomson Photography CNC105 U21
Samuel Amon, My Black Beauty, 39.2,1
Jasmyne Speake, Jumping Jack, 39.2, 2
Maddie MacLean, The Space Cadet, 43.5, 3

Spot On Photo CNC95 A
Denise Rushbrook, Astek Gadzuks, 33.5, 1
Jessica Woods, LV Balou Skye, 33.5, 2
Monique Reid, Fellini, 39.2, 3

Spot On Photo CNC 95
Abby Lawrence, Django, 33, 1
Abigail Long, My Tom Tom, 34.8, 2
Mary Matthews, Just a Gem, 34.5

Take the Moment Photography CNC95 C
Sophie Wilkinson, Louie, 26.5, 1
Su Jenkins, Anonymous, 30, 2
Melanie Molitor, Intercept, 33.8, 3

Take the Moment Photography CNC 95 U18
Paige Boggiss, Tram Road, 33, 1
Natalie Dawson, Silver Fox, 40, 2
Natalie Spice, JDF Cigarza, 42.4, 3