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The scariest jumps in the world!

The Puissance Wall Another brick in the wall... The monumental puissance wall is sometimes jumped on its own, or with one or two other fences. It often ends...

Mellow into autumn

For many horse people, autumn kicks off with a change in routine. As the weather starts to get colder, your horse or pony might be...

Heart to heart with Airthrey Highlander

We BOW to you, Your Mightiness! Such excitement! But isn’t it appropriate that the most important dressage horse in the world is interviewed (at...

First & Last: Clifton Promise

What did you think when you first... saw Promise? I thought he looked like a fat little pony. He was a bit chubby, because he’d...


Over the 2016 Farmlands Horse of the Year Show (including in the lead-up and the trip home), we held a photography competition on Instagram,...