Lizzie Green is back on the NZ circuit

Lizzie Green rides Havanna Vant Castanaehof in the CCI3* at Blenheim 2016 (Image: Libby Law)

UK based eventer Lizzie Green (nee Brown) has found herself back in New Zealand and making plans to join our spring circuit as she battles bureaucracy.

Lizzie needs a new visa to get back into the UK, and although she left in January, it has taken this long to get all the paperwork and processes sorted out. After spending some time based and show jumping in Belgium, she returned to New Zealand, thinking she would be here for about three weeks until the paperwork was sorted, but officialdom took over.

“First the tax department put the wrong national insurance number on a document, and then a wrong date, but finally we have got the application in and now we just have to wait. They advise that it will be 90 to 120 days to process it.”

After spending a few months here, Lizzie did manage a quick trip over to Italy and Ireland recently, spending time with her husband of less-than-one-year, Freddie Green, before returning to New Zealand.

The happy couple at Raglan beach on an earlier trip to New Zealand

“It is way past frustrating,” says Lizzie, from her parents’ home in Waikato. “I left UK in January and should have been allowed back in for a few months after being away for six months, but I got turned away again, and told that I couldn’t get back in until I have my proper visa.”

Instead of sitting around moping, Lizzie has got busy here in New Zealand and of course it didn’t take long for people to take advantage of the classy rider’s skills. She now has seven horses in work, some to on-sell and some for some general training and education. “I’ve got some really lovely ones to sell on behalf of other people,” she says.

As well as the seven horses in work, Lizzie is planning clinics and private lessons. She’s prepared to travel, and hopes to be able to put on some clinics in the South Island, if there is enough interest. She’s also planning on doing some in Taupo and the Waikato, and hopes that people will be keen to get her help in preparing for the spring season.

There are two young horses she has in work here which she is very excited about and she plans to compete on them herself while she’s in New Zealand. “I will definitely do some events in the spring and hopefully go through to Puhinui. I also want to do some show jumping.” The two horses, a thoroughbred and a warmblood, may end up going back to the UK with Lizzie, if things go well and that visa comes through.

Blyth Tait and Tess Anderson are doing a great job of looking after Lizzie’s horses, including the talented mare Havanna Van’t Castanaehof  (Image: Libby Law Photography)

Lizzie’s two fabulous young mares in the UK are being looked after by Blyth Tait and his groom Tess Anderson. Blyth has taken them out to a few events and had some good successes.  “They are both really easy and talented and I am not too concerned that they are having a less competitive year,” says Lizzie. “They had a really busy year last year with me, so having a quiet season with Blyth will be more than fine for them. He rides them so nicely; he is such a sympathetic rider, I couldn’t get anyone better.”

Blyth Tait and Lizzie’s Superstorm Sandy in the Novice Section I at Barbury where they finished third (Image: Libby Law)

Lizzie is hoping that her husband Freddie can join her in New Zealand shortly for about a month, although they probably will have to spend their first wedding anniversary in early August half a world away from each other. “He’s not loving it. I’m not loving it. It is certainly not ideal.” Freddie has had a very busy time in his job as a drummer in the popular band, Dirty Youth, as well as being tour manager for up-and-coming band, The Amaxons.

While we appreciate having one of our talented riders back at local events and on our coaching circuit, we hope that the visa issues are overcome shortly, and that Lizzie can get her career on the international circuit underway again. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting a lesson from Lizzie or having her visit your area for a clinic, you can contact her through her website

You can also keep an eye out on Equestrian Entries as you will soon be able to register for her clinics on line.