Keen pony clubbers out in force at Okuku

Sharne Paton, McConnell Road – this pair won a 95cm class (Image: Jane Thompson)

There was a big turn out to the Okuku Pony Club’s one-day event on Sunday despite a heavy Canterbury frost in the morning.

Frosty ground conditions in the shady spots! Emily Benschop, Spot on Monty (Image: Jane Thompson)

The club committee tested a new format for the event, with classes at each height completing dressage before the next height started. After their dressage, riders had 30 minutes to do either their show jumping or their cross-country.  If they chose the cross-country, they were required to rest their horse for 45 minutes before show jumping, and it was strongly recommended that the show jumping phase was done first. The layout of the event made this far easier, as the cross-country start was over a kilometre away from the dressage and show jumping arenas.

Many riders took the opportunity to take out their young horses for some education. Tarryn Jones, Valdermar II (Image: Jane Thompson)

While observance of the time-frames was the responsibility of the rider, gear checkers were also checking horses before the show jumping. The cross-country and show jumping rings closed 30 minutes after the last dressage time.

Nele Friedrich, Grey Fantasy in their dressage phase early in the morning – there is even frost still in the arenas! (Image: Jane Thompson)

Head instructor Justine Lester said that it was a rather long day for officials. “I think the distance from our main area to the cross-country meant that riders were a bit slow getting there.”

The other time-consuming activity was getting the scoring sorted, but they have a plan to fix that if they choose to use this format again.

The club will host the Collier Trophy at the end of May 2018, after winning it this year.

Results are below and photos from the 95cm classes can be purchased on


Rex Wardle, Dingmac Disco King were the first to go show jumping and cross-country (Image: Jane Thompson)


Class 1, 95cm

  1. Mikayla Jarvis, Mr Silver
  2. Emma Barker, Emersoon
  3. Georgia Williams, Tedriffic


Mikayla Jarvis, Mr Silver (Image: Jane Thompon)
Emma Barker, Emersoon (Image: Jane Thompson)

Class 2, 95cm

  1. Maria Hendry, Jubilee Regal Assett
  2. Rex Wardle, Dingmac Disco King
  3. Brittany Fowler, Apsley Backchat Kid
Maria Hendry, Jubilee Regal Assett (Image: Jane Thompson)

Class 3, 95cm

  1. Sharne Paton, McConnell Road
  2. Tim Richards, Firebird
  3. Georgia Hendry, Loan Moon
Tim Richards, Firebird (Image: Jane Thompson)

Class 4, 80cm

  1. Amy Johnson, Bonita Majah
  2. Lucy Moffat, Eastdale Blissful
  3. Jayda Loper, High Plains Touch of Gold


Class 5, 80cm

  1. Sophie Rosanowski , Pepsi
  2. Sophie Geddes, Tazen the WOB
  3. Hattie Munro, Baxter


Class 6, 80 cm

  1. Samara Singh, Blue Springs Ace
  2. Stephanie Horridge, Papillon,
  3. Grace Bleach, Tyson


Class 7, 80cm

  1. Claudia Wilson, Harry
  2. Emma Simpson, Loodle Bug
  3. L Cowell, BL Amazing Grace


Class 8, 65 cm

  1. Greer Williams, Mahoe Moon Blizard
  2. Kate Kelso, Nemo
  3. Harriet Jolly, Windward Hemi


Class 9, 65cm

  1. Sophie Stephens, Magnum Gold
  2. Jess Crawford, Blue Springs China Doll
  3. Meg Glassey, Willowmead Playboy


Class 10, 65cm

  1. Melanie Morris and Omerta
  2. Nicole Burford, Harlequin Spark
  3. Sarah Loan, Smiley


Combined training classes

  • 65cm  winner: Olivia Cochrane on Southwind Katyln Rose
  • 45cm winner: Olivia Dampier-Crossley, Jubilee Class Act
  • 45cm Assisted winner: Billie Moffatt, Windsor Englishe` Melody