Horse paddocks grass seed for a good cause

If you are looking for a better quality pasture for your horses, this will be just the thing!

The CatWalk Trust and New Zealand Agriseeds are delighted to announce the launch of a pasture seed mix, formulated for the first time in support of The CatWalk Trust. This mix is specifically designed to assist with the high fibre content required in an equine diet, with the plant breeding company generously donating 200 bags to raise $40,000 for the charity.

Catriona Williams, former international equestrian rider, a C6/C7 tetraplegic and founder of The CatWalk Trust, says the charity is thrilled with Agriseeds’ substantial donation.
“Through the sale of this pasture mix, we aim to raise $40,000 for spinal cord injury research. We cannot put into words what this type of support means to the Trust, and to those living with spinal cord injuries across the country.

“For CatWalk, partnering with Agriseeds was a natural fit. Our charity has strong ties with the equestrian industry, so when Agriseeds presented the idea for a horse-specific seed mix, we snapped up the opportunity.”

Laura Akers, agronomist for Agriseeds and competitive dressage rider, explains the seed selection for the horse pasture mix: “We designed the mix to directly reflect horses’ specific dietary needs. It’s high in fibre, low in sugars and no-endophyte, making it the perfect mix for grazing horses.

“Pasture can be a very confusing topic, particularly for horse owners. Most pastures in New Zealand are dominated by perennial rye grass and white clover, largely sown for sheep and cattle. However, for horses, these pastures are less than ideal.

“As well as having relatively low fibre, rye grass tends to be high in sugars, particularly during spring and autumn. The outcome of this usually includes exuberant behaviour and spookiness during riding, but can also cause serious problems, such as contributing to laminitis. Providing a quality diet for horses makes them safer for their riders,” she says.

“We’re thrilled to be able to be able to support The CatWalk Trust and the important research it funds. We hope this donation will help us get one step closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.”

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